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Selling your Designer Clothing Online has never been so easy!

Simply follow these 3 steps:


Create your listing, add pictures and set your price!

Create your listing by selecting the criteria from the drop down menus, add your pictures and fix your price. Your listing will be validated by our team of experts and will be visible online within 48hrs. You will receive an email to let you know your items are online and visible to all our community.

a selction of clothing, shoes and accessories for consignment sales

Get Paid!

Once your item is sold, ship it and get paid!

Canada Post Delivery truck to send out your consignment sales

Ship your sold product and get paid! Once your item is sold, you will receive an email with the shipping instructions. You will have 48hrs to deposit your package at a Canada Post location. Once the buyer receives your item, the payment will automatically be deposited in your PayPal account.

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Mcouture's comission chart

For each item sold, Mcouture takes a commission calculated based on the resale price.

Once your item is sold and received by the buyer, your payment will be automatically deposited in your PayPal account.

Commissions are calculated based on the chart below:

Resale Price: Mcouture
$70 and -   $25
$71 - $500   30%
$501 - $1,000   25%
$1,001 and +   20%


1. You list your products by yourself in the section of the website. You must enter the retail price of your product, as paid in store. We suggest a resale price based on market value and demand, which you can modify. The commission is calculated based on the resale price. To maximize the visibility of your listing, visit our selling guide. Download the seller guide.

2. Once your item is sold, you will receive an email with a shipping label attached to ship to the buyer. You will have 48hrs to ship your parcel to the buyer. *Make sure your item is clean, and respects the informations indicated in your listing (description, photos, condition) to avoid claims or returns. If the buyer makes a claim, your payment will be held until we evaluate the situation. If the item sent does not respect the information provided in the listing, or is counterfeit, you will be responsible to pay for the return of the item, and the transaction will be cancelled.

3. Once the item is received by the buyer and in compliance with the listing, your payment will be deposited directly in your PayPal account. To list a product on Mcouture, you must have a valid PayPal account. You will be required to link your Paypal account with your Mcouture account the first time you list an item. Your PayPal account will be linked to your account for your future listings.

What is PayPal?

If you have problems with your PayPal account creation please contact PayPal directly.

You have questions about the selling or payment process? Visit our FAQ or contact us!